”Field Trip at UENO Zoo"




Halloween is one of the most exciting events for children to learn. We use the vocabulary from our shapes and colors lessons to create colorful Halloween images like Jack-O-Lanterns, Monsters and Witches. The children are encouraged to dress up in their favorite costume and we parade around the neighborhood collecting treats from local participants. Our school volunteers to pass out candy for local community events. Families are encouraged to participate and share their ideas. This event is sure to become a yearly tradition.


Principal Rivas

”Athletics and Music"

Our children take a day to show off their skills and talents as they dance around to the rhythmic melody and run our obstacle course. We have a ballet lesson demonstration where the children practice skipping across the floor and  fun race for children to practice matching picture cards. Parents join in on the activities and we learn a little more about how to play outdoors in a safe and productive environment.


”Reading Seminar"

Pips Child College held a special reading seminar by voice artist Tachibana Yuki who taught us about how to read books in a special entertaining manner. She held us in suspense and brought life to the stories as she turned the page. After reading, she shared her advise for parents to improve their speaking skills. Adjusting your voice, the intonation and level are important for communicating with your child. We hope you can join next time.



In July we introduced more activities for children to express themselves. Our first example is the Tanabata Wish Cards that decorated our bamboo tree. With some help from an adult, the chidlren shared their dreams on displaed them proudly in our classroom. We also talked about the story with puppets that represented the princess Orihime and the sheep herder Hikoboshi. For foreigners, this is an entertaiing part of Japanese culture.


Principal Rivas

”Sunshine Aquarium Field Trip"

Our field trip to the Sunshine Aquarium was a wonderful experience. We could spend real quality time with our children and parents. Being able to speak with everyone frankly and cheerfully was the most rewarding experience we could ask for. We want to thank everyone who participated for working together to find the different sea creatures and sharing their pictures. The sea lion performance was a real hoot! We wrapped up the afternoon with a lovely lunch where the children had a chance to show off some of their English skills.


Principal Rivas



”Family Gymnastics"

In the spring, we held a special class for families t oexercise together. Our firendly health expert Mohi Sekiguchi taught is how to play safely with our children. The parents, children and teachers moved around the room  gesturing and growling like lions or gorillas. It was a wonderful experience.

Principal Rivas

”Japanese Tea Ceremony"

The children have first hand experience with the  art of Japanese tea ceremony. The tradition has a deep history and many different details that bring meaning and harmony. Every step from the moment you enter the room to the last bow you display before you get up is calculated and defined. While most of the children are too young to understand the purpose, they always enjoy the sweet snacks and refreshing bitter drink. 


Principal Rivas